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bi-weekly wipes, everybody might not agree, but my sugestion is for a bi-weekly wipes, in the end everything will be wiped, but i think it would be more fun to have a bi weekly wipe instead of a weekly, because in reality, we have a week to grind, and near 5 or 6th day ive seen activity drop, but this might've changed.

This would help with activity, especially larger groups, because you have to grind really fast, then lose everything in a small amount of time, which could let people down. 

But this is more what people would feel about a bi-weekly,

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20 hours ago, Parkland27 said:

bi-weekly anybody?

Can you give more of an explanation here, are you looking for blueprints and map to wipe bi-weekly? Currently map wipes every week but blueprints wipe bi-weekly. 

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  • Parkland27 changed the title to bi-weekly wipes

I can kinda see where your coming from but from what I have seen so far is that activity drops because people have ran out of stuff to do, doing the grind is part of the fun of rust and doing a bi-weekly wipe would extend those times significantly. Another reason why is that at the end of the wipe there usually is 1-2 clans/groups that have either raided everyone or dominate the playing field making it less incentivizing to get on and grind only to get offlined.

+/- support for this idea

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