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Staff Handbook - Staff Announcements - Gaminglight Rust

Gaminglight Staff Handbook

Welcome to the Gaminglight Staff Team Handbook! This handbook is provided for anyone interested in joining the staff team, current members of the staff team, as well as all Gaminglight community members. This handbook will discuss a variety of topics, including the expectations and powers of staff members, punishment guidelines for common infractions, and more.


Expectations of New and Experienced Staff Members:

General Expectations:

1). Staff members represent the Gaminglight Community at all times. As such, staff members should be respectful to other players and staff members at all times.

2). Staff members should be active on the Gaminglight Forums. This includes engaging with the community, responding to other staff applications, responding to appeals, or answering general questions if able.

3). Staff members are required to have [GL] in front of their Steam Name.

4). Staff members are expected to be reasonably active on the server. This is generally concerned once every three days at an absolute minimum. Those that are unable to meet this expectation should inform their Head of Staff to have their activity requirement modified, or file a temporary Leave of Absence.

5). Staff members are expected to attend weekly staff meetings, which are currently held Fridays at 6PM EST on TeamSpeak. If you’re unable to attend you are required to notify your Head of Staff. Failure to attend without prior approval may result in a strike.

6). Staff members are not allowed to hold staff positions with other communities.

7). Staff members must receive permission from the Manager+ to record while on duty. (This does not include recording for evidence reasons only)

8). Staff members should not make forum posts asking if they should leave their positions. Have this discussion with your SMT team.

9). If a player leaves or is removed from the staff team they are required to ensure that their website, TeamSpeak, and ingame staff tags are removed. Failure to follow up with this can result in sanctions.

10). Staff members should remain professional and respectful at all times.

General Expectations while in game:

1). Never argue with another staff team member in front of players.

2). When on the Server you are expected to be in TeamSpeak.

3). Failure to do your job while on the server may result in a staff strike.


Staff Strike and Punishment System

When staff members fail to meet the expectations we have for them, they may be punished. Punishments can range from verbal warnings, to strikes, to complete removal from the staff team entirely. 

Strikes are used to document misconduct or failure to meet specific expectations for a specific incident, and can be issued by a Head of Staff+, or a Head Admin+ under specific circumstances.

1st Strike: Documentation of Misconduct on Staff Database. May accompany other sanctions depending on the situation.

2nd Strike: Documentation of Misconduct and a demotion. May accompany other sanctions depending on the situation.

3rd Strike: Removal from staff team. 

Staff Restrictions can be issued by Manger+, and results in an individual being prohibited from joining any Gaminglight Staff Team for the designated amount of time.


Staff Administrative Powers and Responsibilities

Members of the Gaminglight Staff Team are entrusted with the responsibility to deal with issues with fairness, honesty, and common sense. They are empowered to use discretion in how they chose to administrate, and it is understood that a staff member may choose to handle a situation differently from another staff member. Additionally,  it is further understood that a variety of factors can influence how a staff member decides to handle a specific issue. This can include repeat offenders, the attitude of the offender, as well as other factors.

Verbal Warnings - If a player is on the verge of breaking rules than a warning may be given out to try and prevent the player from further misconduct.

Mutes - Mutes can be given out in response to minor misconduct after the player has not followed your previous warnings to stop.

Kicks - Kicks can be given out in response to repeated minor misconduct. They are used to temporarily remove players from the server that are having a negative impact on other players, but doesn’t prevent them from returning to the server shortly after.

Bans - Bans can be given out in response to major misconduct. They are used to completely remove players from the server that are having a significantly negative effect on other players, as well as providing them with a longer cooling off period.

Blacklist - Blacklists can be given out in response to severe or continuing misconduct. They are used to completely remove a player from the community.


Punishment Guidelines for Common Offenses


Disrespect (Towards both Staff and Player)

1x Disrespect - In chat warning to stop

2x or More - Temp Mute 1 Hour - 1 Day

* We are more lenient when it comes to Disrespect as it is Rust, however if it comes to a point where chat is getting out of hand and is effecting other players experiences then we will start handing out punishments *

Racism, Homophobia, Transphobia, ETC

1x Above Conduct - 1 Day Mute

2x OR Mass Above Conduct - Permanent Mute

DDOS Threats, Advertisement of Other Servers, Attempting to Crash Server

1x Above Conduct - Permanent Ban


All punishments can be reduced, extended, or overruled at the discretion of Manager+.


Forum Permissions

This section covers the acceptance/denial of certain posts on the Gaminglight forums. This list explains which ranks are able to handle various reports or appeals.

Warning/Ban Appeals & Player Reports - Head Admin+ may process all Warning/Ban Appeals and Player reports. Other community members, including lower ranking staff members may provide +/- Support with valid reasons.

Staff Applications / Complaints & Name Changes - Any staff applications or complaints, or name changes are to be handled by Head Of Staff+.  All other ranks may provide +/- Support with valid reasons when applicable.

Suggestion/Bug Reports - These are processed by Manager+, however permission may be given to Head Admin+ to resolve minor Bug Reports.


Staff Commands


Temp Mute - /mute <Player/SteamID> <Time 1d1h1m1s> <Reason>

EX: /mute Emoo 1h Test (This will result in a 1 Hour Mute against the player with the reason "Test")

Permanent Mute - /mute <Player/SteamID> <Reason>

EX: /mute Emoo Test (This will result in a Permanent mute against the player with the reason "Test")


Unmute - /unmute <Player/SteamID> (Unmutes player from either a Temporary Mute/Permanent Mute)


Mute List - /mutelist (Shows a list of every muted player)


Chain of Command

It is an expectation that members of the staff team follow the chain of command at all times. In general, all questions should first be posed to the Admins, before escalating to the Head AdminHead Of StaffServer Manager, and finally the Owner.

It is understood, however, that certain situations may call for bypassing certain portions of that chain of command that wouldn’t be able to handle an issue. For example, reaching out to the Head Of Staff or Server Manager regarding a major server issue, such as it being completely down, is acceptable, as Admin personnel would not be able to solve this issue.

When attempting to contact an individual with a non-urgent issue, please contact any member that is actively online through TeamSpeak or Discord, as that is generally how you’ll get the quickest response. If no one is online, please wait until someone is available, or take advantage of channels in Discord such as #Questions For SMT.

When attempting to contact an individual with an urgent issue, it is permissible to DM the relevant person through Discord, TeamSpeak, or on the forums. This should be done sparingly, and again, only for urgent issues.

The Chain Of Command is as followed:

Senior Management Team (SMT)



Head Of Staff

Head Admin


Staff Team Rank Overview


  • Owner of the community, Zeeptin (
  • Focuses mainly on making additions to each server
  • Should only be contacted with donations issues or serious server issues


  • Manager of their designated server
  • Oversees the staff team
  • In charge of any suggestions and promoting and demoting staff on their server
  • Has final say on in game related issues
  • Can make changes to rules as they feel necessary at any time


  • Leads the staff team
  • In charge of answering staff applications and reports
  • In charge of promoting and demoting staff on their server
  • Head of Staff has been a part of the community for an extended period of time and understands how to handle situations like the Manager or Owner would.


  • Assists in leading the staff team
  • Can deal with player reports and warning/ban appeals
  • Assist in giving feedback on suggestions
  • Head Admin has been a part of the community for an extended period of time and understands how to handle situations like the Head Of Staff and Manager would.


  • Required to deal with all Hacking reports in game, and any permanent ban requests.
  • NOT allowed to play in game
  • Assists lower ranking staff members on how to deal with situations, and how to use common commands


  • Deals with all situations requiring a Permanent mute
  • Assists all new Chat Mods in how to use their powers, and how to deal with certain situations
  • A member who is versed in all the rules, and how to deal with most situations


  • Deals with all situations requiring a Temporary Mute
  • Considered new to staffing, and should ask for help when needed
  • Helps moderate the chat keeping it safe of anything Racist, Homophobic, or extremely toxic


Leave of Absence Procedure

It is understood that the Gaminglight Staff Team is a volunteer force that gives their time to help make each Gaminglight server the best place possible for the community. There are times when real life situations or emergencies necessitate a reduction in activity, or being unable to come online at at. In these cases staff members should file a Leave of Absence follow the procedure laid out in their server’s Administrative section on the forums.

The following general rules should be kept in mind:

Failure to post a LOA can lead to a demotion and possible removal from the staff team if you’re inactive for long periods of time (1 Week+).

In the event of an emergency situation that prohibits you from filing a LOA, you are required to reach out to your Head of Staff as soon as possible to inform them of the situation. A provisional LOA may be given at that time.

LOAs longer than 2 weeks must be cleared with your Manager or Head of Staff. Those staff that fail to do so may be removed from staff.

LOAs that are 1 month or longer may result in an automatic demotion.


Leaving the Staff Team

Staffing isn’t for everyone, and at some point you may decide that you would like to leave the staff team to focus more on your Real life endeavors, or you may find that you just don’t like it. That’s completely fine, and we appreciate the time and effort that you’ve put forth making the server a more positive place! Staff members must provide a minimum of 48 hours notice via a forum post described below to leave in good standing. Failure to provide or comply with the 48 hour notice may result in a staff restriction. Additionally, staff that quit or resign from their positions are prohibited from applying for a staff position again for a minimum of two months unless provided an exemption by a Manager+.

To leave your staff position in good standing, please follow the procedures below:

Chat Mod - Admin 

  • Leaving the staff team as a Chat Mod - Admin is known as “quitting”. Please create a new post in your server’s Administrative forum area titled “NAME - Resignation Notice” using the provided format.

Head Admin - Manager

  • Leaving the staff team as a Head Admin to Manager is known as an official resignation. Please create a new post in your server’s Administrative forum area titled “NAME - Resignation Notice” using the provided format.


The Staff Handbook is subject to change or update at any time. It is your job to keep up to date with any changes!

You can be tested on the content of the Staff Handbook at anytime.

Staff Members are required to post below their acceptance of the Staff Handbook.




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