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  1. +/- Support - FUCK YES. IF THIS DOES NOT GET REMOVED DURRING RAIDS I WILL SCREAM - Its useful when not in a raid
  2. +/- Support - This is a very good idea for when the community gets big - GL rust is not that big rn
  3. Some items have a stack size higher then 1 which glitches them out (Water bottles, photographs, and caseate tapes) It makes storing them a nightmare
  4. The large oil rig does not spawn heavy scientists, I do not know if the regular oil rig does this but can confirm large oil rig does this
  5. I think the in game text alerts should be removed (Supply drop locations, who called them in, and when oi rig restocks). I think this should be removed because with it in the game it makes doing stealth supply drops or hitting oil a pain. Oil already has a pager system for this. GL Rust would be so much better without this and i think many people can vouch