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  1. we need to get rid of teleporting, you can EASILY avoid losing all of your loot during a raid by teleporting to another base, or buddy. this also allows for just tping back after dieing during a raid, which makes it impossible to win a raid on the defenders side, only under certain circumstances could you win against the attack. depending on how you use the teleport, it can be easily used against someone, to ultimately make them lose. using sleeping bags is one thing, but being able to avoid losing everything is another.
  2. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++SUPPORT PLEASE NO NOTIFACATIONS!
  3. I will cover what i think of each 1.whatever time it seems to be for crafting, i think keeping vanilla time would be fine if its already on vanilla time, if not then i wouldnt mind vanilla time crafting 2. I dont really agree with a base wide, i like the workbenches the way they are now 3. I absolutelty love night time, as you can be a lot more stealthy, i wouldnt like the fact of a shorter night cycle 4. I heavily agree, as this is coming from a platinum donator, where i spawn in with a full kit of really good clothes, ak with a total of 130 rounds, MP5 with 130 rounds in
  4. bi-weekly wipes, everybody might not agree, but my sugestion is for a bi-weekly wipes, in the end everything will be wiped, but i think it would be more fun to have a bi weekly wipe instead of a weekly, because in reality, we have a week to grind, and near 5 or 6th day ive seen activity drop, but this might've changed. This would help with activity, especially larger groups, because you have to grind really fast, then lose everything in a small amount of time, which could let people down. But this is more what people would feel about a bi-weekly,
  5. 1. +support, i dont mind working hard for stuff 2. +Support i want to fear for my life whenever i raid cargo, rig, espically chinhook 3. +Support i wouldn't mind a lowered (times) i've seen a few say we should do vanilla, which i would love to do, i like vanilla because you have to do a lot more to survive and stuff like that Even if we do go to vanilla, I'll still donate and stuff like that with extra money i have.